Assistance Program

At Golden Goat, we strive to make our products accessible to everyone. To that end, we offer 50% off to veterans, people on long-term disability, and households that qualify as low-income.

If you believe you qualify for one of these categories, please review the requirements for verification below. After you have reviewed the requirements, follow the instructions on this page on how to apply.

Please redact any sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers.

We ask that those who qualify for these programs to only use their discount for themselves. Discounts cannot be used with other coupon codes. We do not give partial refunds after approval on previous orders.



All US Military veterans must provide a scan or photo of their DD-214, state issued ID with Veteran endorsement or VA card to qualify. This discount only applies to veterans, we cannot offer discounts for family members of veterans.

Qualifying documents include:

  • VA card
  • DD-214 (or other honorable discharge paperwork)
  • Military service records
    State-issued driver’s license OR photo ID with a veteran classification

Long-term Disability

Those who have a long-term medical disability must provide either a certification from a physician or a disability income acceptance letter as proof of disability to qualify. We can not take the liberty to determine what is or isn’t a disability. This must be confirmed by a medical doctor or government agency.

Qualifying documents include:

  • A signed letter from a doctor, hospital, or government agency stating long-term or permanent disability
  • SSDI income awarding letter OR update to benefit statement
    Direct Deposit Check


Any American citizen with low income can apply for our assistance program. To apply for low-income assistance, please send us a copy of your tax return for the previous year. To qualify, your yearly taxes must state that your income is below the federal poverty level. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify, please check here. Other forms of proof of income can be accepted on a case by case basis.

Qualifying documents include:

  • Tax return (returned and completed by the IRS, current or last year’s)
  • EBT card (in combination with state-issued photo ID or license)
  • Medicaid card (in combination with state-issued photo ID or license)
  • SSI awarding letter OR update to benefit statement

How It Works?

50% is discounted from the first $400 spent each month.

The $400 cap is based on sales after the discount is applied.
After the cap has been reached, all products are sold at the normal price.
The cap starts and resets on the 1st of each month.
Bulk Isolate products are discounted at 20% instead of 50%.
Branded merchandise is not discounted.
Discounts cannot be combined with other coupons.
The discount may only be used for qualifying individuals, and may not be used to purchase products for other people.

How To Apply?

  1. Register for an account if you don’t already have one.
    Log in to your account.
  2. Fill out the Assistance Program form, which includes a place to upload your documents (please redact any sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers, from your documents).
  3. We will review your application and get back to you.
  4. If you are approved, log in to your account and you will see the discounted prices while you shop.
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