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‘Tis the Season to be Stressed? Beat the Your Anxiety with CBD

The holidays’ joy, delight (and sheer madness) has finally arrived. But “chilling out” may not be at the top of your to-do list these holidays and your anxiety may have taken over. Think about it: having to juggle your 9-to-5, plan for your holiday, and then hit the mall with droves of other shoppers (while the tune of Boney M lingers in the background) can take a toll.

So, while we can agree that free time may not be the season’s buzzword, one thing’s for certain: making time to de-stress is vital. So, how can you keep calm and carry on while still spreading holiday cheer? 

Well, we’ll tell you.

We’ve compiled a list of seven tips for people dealing with holiday stress this season. What is the core message? Find moments of tranquility wherever you can. We all deserve a mental break this year.

Oh, and definitely consider adding CBD to your Christmas list.

(you can thank us later!)

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Ways To Help You Keep Your Cool During the Holidays

Tip 1: Ask for Help

In every family, one person usually takes on the brunt of the Christmas preparations and pressure. Maybe you’re the one who ends up being in charge of everything from gift selection to wrapping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and keeping the peace. These activities quickly become routine, and you find yourself working alone every year. What about this year? Solicit help from your friends and relatives. You might even discover that they love being more involved.

No excuses! Do it!

Tip 2: Keep Your Laptop Closed

If you work from home or divide your weekdays between your house and the office, unwinding might be difficult. Setting clear boundaries might be challenging when your dining table doubles as a workplace, but Christmas is the perfect moment to hit “reset” on your overworking habit.

Put your laptop away, switch off your phone alerts, and remind yourself how amazing it feels to be present in the moment (even if it’s just for Christmas and Boxing Day, the vacation may save you from burnout!)

Tip 3: Take CBD to Help You Cope with Anxiety

With so much to do and so much pressure to get everything right, it’s no wonder Christmas can cause so much worry and stress. But here’s the thing: CBD can be your ally when anxiety is at its zenith.

Research investigating how and why cannabis works as a stress reliever found that people who received CBD treatment for stress reported improvements in their ability to perform daily functions and reduced anxiety symptoms.

As with everything else, it’s important to consider what your body needs when using CBD to help with stress or anxiety. This includes your weight, age, metabolism, exercise level, and the severity of your symptoms. Talking to your doctor is also essential, especially if you want to use CBD to treat more severe anxiety or if you are already taking prescription medicine for your mental health.

Always start with a small amount and gradually increase it, paying close attention to how your body responds.For general stress, you might want to take CBD regularly at a level that is comfortable for your body and helps relieve everyday symptoms. Consider taking a dosage before or during periods of high anxiety for acute anxiety.

Tip: If you want to learn more about using CBD, make sure to check out our handy guides.

Does CBD interact with Medications

Tip 4: Schedule Some Self-Care Time

Self-care might sometimes feel like an overused term, but the calming effect of taking time for yourself cannot be overstated. It doesn’t have to include paying for expensive spa visits.

Combining CBD with daily yoga, mixing a tincture into hot chocolate, or soaking in a bath infused with a CBD bath bomb might make it even more relaxing.

Tip: Read about more fun activities you can enjoy.

Taking time for oneself is essential for keeping our stress levels under control. Most people associate CBD with oils, tinctures, and vaping, but there are other methods to consume it that may be more beneficial for dealing with stress.

Tip 5: Maintain Feel-Good Habits

We are creatures of habit, and many thrive on a consistent schedule. That’s why, when Christmas brings late nights and lengthy naps, we can feel a bit depressed. We often associate the word “routine” with being stuck in a rut or too set in our ways.

However, it is these everyday routines that aid in promoting sleep and decreasing worry. That doesn’t mean you have to say goodnight to your loved ones at 9 p.m. on Christmas Day, but if you have specific routines that help you relax, such as an early start or an evening run, try to include them in your holiday plans.

Tip 6: Set Achievable Goals

Having goals is excellent, and crossing them off your list gives you a sense of accomplishment. However, if you set too many, you may experience emotions of shame if they become unmanageable. We’re all susceptible to optimism bias, which occurs when we become unrealistic about what we can do in a particular time frame.

Christmas is a time to be aware of overstretching oneself. Instead of making an extensive list of duties to make the most of your time off, reduce it to the basics. Any more accomplishments may seem like a blessing, not a responsibility.

Tip 7: Prioritize Social Time

Ever since COVID-19 happened, we’ve all felt a bit more distant. Less time spent with family and friends than ever before has resulted in loneliness and isolation. So, prioritize mood-boosting social time with the people you care about this holiday season, whether in person or over Zoom.

Beat Holiday Stress with Golden Goat CBD Products

Recognizing the factors contributing to your stress will help you get through Christmas. Consider the tips above, take each day as it comes and you’ll soon wish that every day was Christmas. Remember that keepinghealthy—eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep (and, of course, having your CBD on hand) can help you cope with holiday stress like a pro.

Golden Goat products are a convenient and delicious way to obtain the benefits of CBD. Our CBD range includes everything from yummy CBD gummies to CBD oil, gel capsules, creams, and even CBD pet products.

With Golden Goat’s help and fab selection of products, you can say goodbye to stress; hello happy holidays!

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