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Stuck For Stocking Fillers? Find (Canna) Christmas Gifts They’ll Love At Golden Goat

Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, everyone in your family can benefit from a lil hemp happiness this Christmas (or any time of the year!) 

Gifting CBD, Delta-8, and other cannabinoid goodies is a FAB way to remind someone on your list that you care. But how do you decide what to buy with the massive amount of merchandise out there?

Well, we’ve made it easy and taken the guesswork out of figuring out what to buy and for whom by compiling a list of our favorite Golden Goat presents to assist you in finding the ideal health gift. Your list has something for everyone!

Check it out. 

Tips: Make sure to check out some tasty CBD treats for the holiday season. 

Sour Bear Gummies for Grandpa 

Choosing your ideal cbd gummies -

Your gramps has a notoriously sweet tooth and is known for sneaking off with holiday treats whenever no one is looking. He’s almost always got a stash of candy hidden somewhere at home.

So why not make his day and get something that’s not only delectable but also good for him, like CBD Gummy Sour Bears?

These sour bear gummies are infused with premium-quality CBD. They’re delicious, fruity, chewy, soft, THC-free, and contain 8 mg of CBD per gummy. When you give a gift this good… you won’t want to hand it over!

Delta 8 Flower for Your Hippie Aunt

While Santa and his reindeer are the only ones who really fly on Christmas Eve, our Delta-8 hemp flower will take the Hippie in your family to new heights (in the best way, of course) 

Next Read: What exactly is the Delta-8 flower?

Whether for your kooky aunt (or not), our Delta-8 Hemp Flower allows for some awesomely chilled vibes this Christmas. Our Delta-8 Flower contains whole, top-tier hemp flower infused with over 50 mg of Delta-8 THC isolates. Delta-8 products may provide a therapeutic, cannabis-like effect. 

Choose from three great hemp strains: Diesel (sativa), Cookies (hybrid), and Gouda (indica). Our Delta 8 flower also comes in a reusable glass stash jar. As far as gift-giving goes, there’s no doubt about it… you’ll definitely be the new favorite niece/nephew this Christmas.

HHC Premium Flower

CBD Recovery Cream For Your Super Sporty Brother

After his Christmas morning run, we’re pretty certain that your big bro will be overjoyed to find Golden Goat’s CBD Recovery Cream in their stocking. This CBD topical is ideal for athletes because it treats aches and pains quickly and directly. 

Our maximum strength CBD Pain Freeze 2500mg roll-on is an excellent remedy for aches and pains in the neck, back, and extremities. This is our highest concentration of pure CBD isolates for topical application. 

Whether it’s chronic or the result of hard workouts, the cooling effects of menthol and the active properties of cannabidiol ease your pain. Our 3 oz bottle of maximum strength CBD contains 2500 mg of hemp-derived CBD—a surefire way to get rid of those aches and moans! 

Blue Raspberry Rings For Your Mom…the Insomniac

Gift CBD Blue Raspberry Rings to the one who needs restorative and restful sleep the most… your mom! 

Always a hit, Blue-Raspberry Ring gummies are infused with premium quality cannabidiol (CBD). They’re scrumptious, soft, chewy, THC-free, and contain 1000 mg of CBD per 16 oz jar.

Powerblend Gummies For The Creative Genius

Ok, so your dad’s in advertising… but sometimes even he needs a hand getting in the zone. Powerblend gummies can help your father (or anyone for that matter!) get their arty-farty on… 

Stronger than Delta-8 alone, this formula combines the hemp-derived cannabinoids Delta-8, Delta-10, and THC-P for a therapeutic, cannabis-like effect, feelings of relaxation, and a sense of well-being. Whether Pops is painting, designing a logo, or composing a song, these potent canna-blend gummies level up the creative experience.

Choose from these great flavors: Banana | Peach Rings | Blue Raspberry 

CBD Pet Treats for your furry friend

CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety in Dogs

Let’s face it…dogs have to put up with a lot during the holidays. Things like being suffocated by the intrusions of noisy new people and being decked up in goofy reindeer outfits certainly warrant a treat from Santa.

Treat your dog to our steak-flavored CBD pet treats containing 200 mg of CBD per jar. CBD pet treats can help your dog calm down and feel better, whether they are healthy or have a health problem. This is especially true during the busy holiday season, when pets can get easily overwhelmed.

Give the gift of pleasure and health this holiday season

Share the love of hemp by giving your family and friends the best type of health and happiness this holiday season. Self-care and relaxation may take various forms for different people, but cannabinoids are essential for anybody who wants to feel and live well. 

Whatever your family or friends’ preferences, Golden Goat is your one-stop shop for the perfect stocking stuffers. 

Head here to discover more gifts. 

(And once you’re done, go ahead and put another one in the cart for yourself… we won’t tell anyone!)

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