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CBD for Stressed out MOMS

Yes, if you’re a mom, you already know that raising children is the most rewarding job in the world. It’s great knowing that you’re actively helping to shape your child’s life and perspective of the world…. but we all know that it can be very stressful. 

It’s also one of the hardest, most taxing, thankless tasks anyone could imagine. There are happy days. Crazy days. Scary days. Days when you have to clean abstract crayon artwork off the walls. Days when you just want to pull your hair out because it seems that, no matter what, you just can’t ever cut those sandwiches into the perfect toddler-pleasing shapes. 

Then there are days when you want to hide under the bed to escape the incessant “Mom. Mooooom. Moooooooooooo, Mooooooom–meeeeeeeee!” drawls.

So, yeah, we get it. 

As moms, we often forget how important it is to take care of ourselves on the job. Amongst the never-ending cleaning, the cooking of food your kids won’t eat, and the restless nights, we can end up feeling exhausted all the time. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

CBD can help mothers sleep better, relax, and relieve pain. Keep reading to learn why CBD may be the best thing since…um


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CBD Can Keep Moms Calm (& carry on!)

You know when you totally blow a fuse and immediately feel horrible for losing control and have to take a deep breath to reset? We’ve all been there (or will be there), and it’s not nice. 

The good news is that CBD can be beneficial in stressful situations (like when you’ve got a hectic work deadline and the kids have decided to go full tantrum mode after returning home from school). 

Kids are kids, and yes, it is only natural for them to be naughty and wild, pushing the boundaries in one way or another. The trick is to keep calm. Outbursts are unnecessary and aren’t good for anyone. So, how would you do that? 

With just a few drops of CBD under your tongue, of course! 

Better yet, don’t wait until the (figurative) poop hits the fan; take your CBD drops regularly, and you’ll soon own and quash the chaos with your zen vibes. CBD can help you avoid meltdowns altogether by keeping your mind calm and balanced, which lets you think things through before you act. 

CBD Can Alleviate Stress

Ahhhhh. We know…remembering to take supplements regularly is a bit of a pain. Let’s be honest; it’s challenging for moms to remember everybody’s schedules, let alone their health routine. Fortunately, CBD can be used “as required,” leaving the daily routine to those mothers who thrive on schedules and routines.

Even without the kiddie factor, there are moments in life when the stress just becomes unbearable—it’s as if you’re carrying the proverbial weight of the world on your shoulders, and everyone else is just enjoying the ride (whether at the office, at home or anywhere in between!)

You should feel your body release some of the stress you’ve been carrying for 20-30 minutes after ingesting CBD oil, and you may notice your reaction to your environment is less intense. You can finally breathe before responding and finish your day calmly.

CBD Can Help You Keep on Top of Your Mental Game

The great thing about the hemp plant is that various substances target different receptors in your body, resulting in myriad benefits. CBD can be your go-to, “get-stuff-done” secret weapon in the fight against mental fatigue.

This means that CBD can keep your mind fresh—allowing you to check more stuff off your to-do list in the limited time you have, whether it involves caring for your little ones at home while attempting to juggle work or other responsibilities.


CBD Can Help Ease Period Symptoms

Unfortunately, our lives don’t slow down once a month, and children will always be on the go. Coping with those unpleasant period symptoms is essential for parenthood’s survival. CBD Oil is a favorite solution for period problems since it can address low back pain, cramps, and headache. 

Carrying a topical in your purse, such as the Golden Goat’s CBD Cream, is also an excellent alternative. Massage topicals into the places where you need treatment when you feel your back ache or cramps start.

CBD can alleviate pain and inflammation, which is precisely what we require during our favorite time of the month😉

CBD Promotes a Healthy Sleep Cycle (Even If You Don’t Receive Much of It!)

Again, we understand the agony of just getting a few hours of sleep at night, whether dealing with a child with night terrors or you can’t sleep until your teenager is safely home. Whatever the situation, CBD has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness in assisting individuals with sleep.

CBD  helps us fall asleep quicker and remain asleep longer, or, in the case of moms who cannot get a full night’s sleep, it assists your body in establishing a balanced sleep pattern. This means fewer sleepless nights.

We all want to get 6-8 hours of sleep every night (wouldn’t that be lovely?!) However, if you cannot get those vital sleep hours in, CBD can assist you in sleeping deeply for the hours you have available to shut your eyes.

Moms Deserve ONLY the Best CBD Products

Taking extra time to exercise self-care may seem paradoxical, but it can help you be a better mom. You’ll have more energy and a better mood. Better yet, you may be able to spend more time with your children.

At Golden Goat, we provide legally authorized, laboratory-tested hemp products that mothers can rely on. After all, mothers deserve the best.

Head to our shop and check out the sensational products that could make one of the world’s most difficult jobs (slightly) easier!

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