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How Long Does Delta 10 Stay In Your System?

The legal hemp cannabinoid market (which includes Delta 10) is booming. Delta 10 THC is a popular option among cannabis consumers due to the pleasant yet moderate high it produces.

But the question, “How long does Delta 10 stay in your system?” is often asked. We did some pretty intense research on the topic. Read all about it and more right here.

Although we hate to break it to you, there’s no conclusive answer on how long does Delta 10 stay in your system since THC metabolization is a highly complex process.

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What Is Delta 10?

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know what Delta 10 is. But for the sake of making sure everyone’s up to speed, bear with us for a speedy crash course (or simply skip to the next section).

Delta 10 THC is similar to Delta 8 THC in terms of structure and effects. But in terms of getting you high, it’s less strong than other popular THC cannabinoids.

Delta 10 can remain in your system for about 30 days. This suggests that even if you haven’t smoked cannabis lately but often consume it, your body may still have Delta 10 THC in it. But there are a few ways to speed up the process if you need to.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

Delta 10 can stick around for quite a while.

Because Delta 10 THC is about 70% less potent than Delta 9 THC, the high is less intense. But how long do the effects last? Well, this depends on how you’re consuming it. The effects of smoking often wear off after a few hours at most, but when it’s eaten, it stays in your system way longer because it needs to go through the whole digestion process. Even after the physiological effects have worn off, the cannabinoid remains in your body.

Delta 10 usually stays in your system for anywhere between 2 and 30 days. Because there are so many factors that contribute to how long it stays in your body, it’s hard to narrow down this range. Your metabolism, how long you’ve been using it, how often you use it, and the quantities taken are just a few factors at play here. 

How Is Delta 10 Taken?

There are a bunch of different ways to take Delta 10, and this is totally up to personal preference. The main methods of consumption are inhaling, ingesting, and sublingually.

How Long Do Vapes Stay In Your System?

Delta 10 can be inhaled using vaporizers, dabs, cartridges, etc. If you’re looking for the method with the quickest onset, this is it. The drawback here is that it leaves your system just as quickly. So the effects only last about 1 to 2 hours, which is much shorter than other methods.

How Long Do Vapes Stay In Your System?

How Long Do Edibles Stay In Your System?

This varies based on how much you ingested. Edibles like gummies or capsules take the longest to absorb in the human body. So don’t take more if you don’t feel the effects right away, or you could end up overdoing it.

In contrast to vapes and tinctures, Delta 10 usually lasts a lot longer when taken orally. The effects usually last between 7 and 8 hours.

How Long Do Tinctures Stay In Your System?

If you’re wondering what the hell “sublingually” means, it’s just a fancy way to say that it’s absorbed through the tissue under your tongue. This is how you’d ingest oils or tinctures. Delta 10 tinctures have a longer shelf life than vapes and edibles.

Absorption isn’t quite as slow as with edibles, but don’t expect to feel the effects immediately either. The effects last approximately 4 to 6 hours, though, and you’ll feel the effects faster than with edibles. They’re also easy to accurately dose; just calculate the amount of Delta 10 THC per drop.

What Drug Testing Methods Are Used?

The THC-COOH enzyme breaks down both Delta 9 THC and Delta 10 THC. This means that a drug test that detects THC-COOH levels in the bloodstream will test positive for Delta 10.

The most common drug tests that are used are:

  • Blood Tests: Blood drug tests are only able to pick up THC while you are still high. 
  • Hair Follicle Drug Tests: THC metabolites remain detectable for roughly 90 days after use. Hair tests are pricey and have a small margin of error.
  • Perspiration Tests: This involves placing a patch on your skin for 2 weeks. Perspiration tests are usually used for research purposes. 
  • Saliva Tests: This method of drug testing can detect if you’ve used THC (or other cannabinoids) in the last 10 hours, give or take. 
  • Urine Tests: This is the go-to for most. Urine tests identify THC-COOH residues in your urine, which can be found weeks after use.
What Drug Testing Methods Are Used?

What Affects How Long Delta 10 Stays in Your System?

As we said, there’s no single answer to the question, “How long does Delta 10 stay in your system?”. This is because any number of things can have an effect on this process.

The factors most likely to affect how long Delta 10 stays in your system are:

Frequency of Use

Since Delta 10 THC accumulates in the body faster than it leaves, how often you use it will have an impact on how long it takes for your body to remove it. The more often you use it, the longer it sticks around.

How It’s Taken

As we mentioned before, there are different ways to take Delta 10. Your body absorbs and responds differently to each. Edibles are slow to take effect and stay in your system the longest. The effects of vaping, on the other hand, are almost instant and also leave your body faster than any other method.

Potency and Quality

If you’re taking higher concentrations of Delta 10, there will be more of it accumulated in your system than if you were to take low concentrations. As a result, it will take longer for your body to get rid of it. Higher-quality products tend to contain purer forms of Delta 10. They’re also more potent, making them last longer.

Metabolic Rate

Some people have quicker metabolic rates than others. Age, genetics, health, food habits, exercise routines, and other lifestyle variables can impact this. Your metabolism depends on a wide range of factors, but generally speaking, the faster it is, the quicker your body can get rid of THC and other cannabinoids

What Can You Do To Quickly Remove Delta 10 From Your System?

Delta 10 THC is a potent and persistent form of THC. It can stay in your system for days or weeks after you use it.

If you want to speed up the process, there are a few things that may help:

  • Hydrate: Drink a lot of water. This lowers the concentration of THC metabolites in your bloodstream.
  • Exercise: Exercising speeds up the metabolism and can accelerate the process of removing Delta 10 from your system.
  • Eat: Fuel your body with nourishing meals. Foods high in antioxidants and fiber may help your body rid itself of THC faster.
  • Don’t Smoke: Quit smoking and using other tobacco products. Tobacco can slow down the process of getting rid of THC metabolites in your body.


Without a definitive answer to the question, “How long does Delta 10 stay in your system?”, and a pretty wide range of 2 to 30 days (and possibly more in rare cases) to work with, it’s best to play it safe if you suspect you’ll need to take a drug test in the near future.

After passing that test, treat yourself to these Delta 10 Gummies.

P.S. Did you know that Delta 10 is federally legal in many states? Before ordering, make sure to check the legality in your state. 

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