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Dive into our Gummy World! Here’s how to find the ideal CBD gummy to suit YOUR needs

According to research, we know that cannabidiol (CBD) can offer a wide variety of health benefits without the psychoactive properties of THC. While CBD may provide various outcomes for different individuals, these edibles are often used to promote general wellbeing, from sleep and pain to stress and anxiety.

If you’re interested to see what CBD can do for you, consider trying CBD gummies. There’s a massive variety of gummies on the market these days (which is great), but it makes choosing the best product quite challenging! 

So, to make things easier, we’ve narrowed down our top picks to help you get started on your CBD gummy journey.


Choosing your ideal CBD gummy

Let’s get back to the basics before exploring which gummies are best for you.

Choosing your ideal cbd gummies -

What Are CBD Gummies?

Without trying to state the obvious, CBD gummies are chewy treats that, well, contain CBD. These gummies DO NOT provide an intoxicating “high” since they contain less than 0.3% THC (the cannabis plant’s most well-known mind-altering component.) 

Since many CBD brands regulate the quantity of CBD that goes into each gummy, you know precisely how much CBD you’re receiving with any given serving.

CBD gummies can include:

  • Full-spectrum CBD includes all cannabinoids and terpenes found naturally in hemp plants and has less than a 0.3% THC product concentration.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD includes fewer cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp plants and has less than a 0.3% THC product concentration.
  • CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD without any additional hemp-derived cannabinoids and has less than a 0.3% THC product concentration.
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Some CBD gummies include additional cannabinoids like cannabiniol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), and substances like melatonin.

Use of CBD in the USA

According to a new Forbes Health study of 2,000 US people conducted by OnePoll, CBD edibles and gummies are the most popular way to ingest CBD in the United States.

CBD usage is becoming more prevalent—60% of Americans have tried a CBD product and feel it has therapeutic benefits. According to the same poll, most consumers use CBD to lower stress, treat pain, enhance sleep quality, and alleviate anxiety.

How CBD gummies work

When CBD gummies are consumed orally, the CBD that remains after first-pass digestion gets absorbed into the circulation. Additional research is still required to determine how much CBD we absorb from gummies since its bioavailability is limited owing to first-pass digestion.

CBD acts by binding to CB1 receptors in the brain and CB2 receptors in the immune system once ingested. These cannabinoid receptors form part of the endocannabinoid system, which helps with the modulation of the neurological and immunological systems.

CBD also increases GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) activity in the brain. GABA activity promotes calm by reducing the stress response.

How to use CBD gummies

The amount of CBD gummies you need to take is determined by your previous experience with CBD, the gummy’s strength, and how much CBD tends to produce desirable results for your body. 

People new to CBD may begin with a lower-dose CBD gummy and progress to increasing potencies as required. To reach your desired dosage, you may also want to divide a gummy in half or eat numerous gummies.

Possible Side Effects

CBD intake could cause side effects such as tiredness, diarrhea, and changes in appetite and weight. CBD may also interfere with prescription medications you may be taking; therefore, ALWAYS consult your physician before taking CBD products with medications and supplements. 

If you suffer unpleasant side effects from CBD, stop using it immediately and inform your doctor. 

Choosing your gummies

Golden Goat has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality products. We also offer a HUGE range of items, including oils, topicals, softgels, and (of course) gummies. 

Unsure about which gummy you should choose? No sweat! We’ve made it easy for ya!

If you’re battling to sleep…  

Blue raspberry rings

Delicious, Fruity, Chewy, Soft & Sweet, our Blue-Raspberry Ring gummies are infused with premium quality CBD. They’re THC-free and contain 500mg of CBD per 8oz jar. Note: These gummies contain melatonin

CBD Gummy Worms

Our Fruit Worm gummies are infused with premium quality CBD and are a crowd favorite. THC and melatonin-free, these delectables contain 1000mg of CBD per 16oz jar. 

Feeling anxious? Try these…

CBD Gummy Sour Bears 

If you enjoy sour treats, these Sour Bear gummies are a must-try. They contain a total of 500mg of CBD per 8oz jar and are THC free.

Note: These gummies contain melatonin

Platinum CBD Neon Rings

Platinum CBD Neon Rings are infused with more CBD per 16 oz jar and less melatonin so that you can enjoy more gummies throughout your day. Each 16oz jar is infused with over 1500mg of premium cannabidiol.

This product is THC Free.

Are you looking for something to help with pain?

CBD Piña Colada Gummies

Our CBD Piña Colada gummies give you a snap of pineapple followed by the smooth taste of coconut. Each 16 oz jar is infused with 1000mg of premium, top-tier CBD. 

These totally YUMMY Soft & Sweet Piña Colada CBD gummies contain 15mg/CBD | 5mg/MT per gummy.

CBD Gummy Fruit Slices

Consider a mouthful of these as your fruity slice of sweet heaven! These gummies are soft, chewy, and infused with 500mg of premium CBD per 8oz jar. 

This product is THC Free.

In search of a great broad-spectrum option

CBD Broad Spectrum Gummy Bears

Containing more of the natural cannabinoids in hemp, these fruity gummy bears form part of a limited edition. They’re THC-free and contain 300mg of broad-spectrum CBD per 4oz jar.

Need a sugar-free alternative?

Sugar-Free CBD Gummy Fruit Worms

This sugar-free option is perfect for those customers wanting to avoid sugar. They’re also THC free and infused with 1000mg of premium quality CBD per 16oz jar.

If you’re vegan, try these little bears of deliciousness

CBD Vegan Gummy Bears

Sometimes finding vegan gummies can be tricky! Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our Vegan Gummy Fruit Bears. Not only are they infused with a total of 1000mg of premium quality CBD per 16 oz jar, but they’re also super delicious AND a source of Vitamin C!

What’s not to love about CBD gummies?

(…especially when they’re as delicious as ours!)

Golden Goat CBD gummies are a convenient and delicious way to obtain the benefits of CBD. Try our CBD gummies for a sweet approach to finding relief for various ailments, including sleep, pain, and anxiety.  

Always remember, though, whether you’re sold on the fantastic benefits CBD gummies offer or not, consult with a healthcare professional who can take you through the benefits and possible drawbacks of incorporating CBD into your daily routine.

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