Melted CBD Gummies: Why and How It Happens, and What You Can Do.

Summer is here and temperatures are really heating up. We unfortunately have been receiving a lot of reports of melted gummy orders, so we want to inform you about our cooling shipping option and what you can do to make sure your gummies are received in the proper shape instead of jello.

For high temperature areas, we always recommend having your products shipped in a cooling envelope along with an ice pack. This type of packaging is shipped using USPS Priority Mail so you can get it quickly and efficiently as possible.

What Can You Do to Ensure Your CBD Gummies Don’t Melt?

We can’t control what happens when USPS drops it off to you. Mail boxes can be like an oven for your gummies, along with your front porch with the sun out. Here are some ways to prevent your package from melting once it’s delivered:

  1. Track your order closely. When you see that your package has arrived and you’re away from home, have a neight, friend, or family member collect your order.
  2. Have your gummies delivered to your workplace to ensure you can collect your package as soon as it is delivered. Most workplaces collect mail indoors, so your Gummies would most likely be sitting in an air conditioned environment.
  3. Have your gummies shipped to a PO box with an air conditioned facility.
  4. Arrange your Gummies to be shipped to a family member, friend, or neighbor who is home when you’re away.

Your CBD Gummies Melted Anyways?

If your CBD Gummies got to you and they still melted, your happiness with your product is our absolute priority. Please feel free to contact us on our live support chat or on our Contact US page.

Some Tips For After Delivery

  1. Keep gummies away from direct sunlight for long periods of time. 
  2. Do not leave the gummies in your car!


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