The ABCs of Cooking With CBD

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CBD goes well with both sweet and savory recipes, making it simple to integrate into almost anything! Consider this your go-to guide for cooking with CBD. Soon, you’ll be able to make CBD as tasty as practical.

Let’s get started!

People are becoming more enthusiastic about cooking with CBD, and it’s no surprise: CBD can enrich your cooking experience, provide a variety of wellness benefits, and provide an all-natural spin to your regular diet. 

6 Fast Rules For Cooking with CBD

01 Use small amounts of CBD oil

02 Watch your heat 

03 Include healthy fats

04 Be patient with the effects

05 Be aware of how you eat it

06 Start slow

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Watch your heat 


The first thing to remember while cooking or baking with CBD is that it starts to debase between 320- and 356-degrees Fahrenheit. This indicates that overheating the oil may reduce the efficacy of the CBD.

Include healthy fats


Cannabinoids [like CBD] are highly drawn to fats, so use whatever oil you prefer—olive, coconut, MCT, or avocado—to ensure that it acts as a carrier to make the CBD the most effective. 

Be patient with the effects


Ingesting meals and snacks that have been made with the addition of CBD will take your body longer to absorb the CBD compared to putting a few drops of CBD tincture beneath your tongue—so be patient.

Be aware of how you eat it


While there is minimal to no evidence to indicate that CBD is hazardous when combined with alcohol (experimenting with CBD cocktails can be fun), it’s always a good idea to be aware of your consumption.

Start slow


Start with something you’re already comfortable with, such as adding CBD-infused oil to a salad. Add a few drops to a beverage if you want to utilize a tincture instead of an infused oil.

Your Daily Helping of Greens

These recipes are great for people seeking a natural cannabidiol administration method without worrying about its natural taste. 

Easy Recipes to start cooking with CBD

CBD Salad Dressing

CBD Stir-fry

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