Get More Zzz’s!  Top Tips to Beat Insomnia

By goldengoatcbd | nov 25, 2021

Insomnia affects approximately 10–15% of the US population.  

Most adults need at least 7 hours every night. Home remedies may be able to help if your sleeping patterns are harming your quality of life. 

Meditation, researchers discovered in a 2011 study, greatly improved insomnia, and general sleep habits. 

Yoga has been shown to improve sleep quality and can also help with stress alleviation, improved physical functioning, and mental focus. 

Exercise has been shown to improve mood, increase energy, help in weight loss, and promote sound sleep. 

Magnesium and Lavender can also aid muscular relaxation, stress relief, and promote good sleeping habits. 

CBD has been reported to help alleviate insomnia in certain individuals.  

A medical practitioner can assist in determining the underlying reason and the most effective treatment. Sometimes certain lifestyle modifications can help alleviate sleeplessness. 

Enough sleep is required for the normal functioning of cognitive and behavioral functions. An inadequate amount of sleep can have significant consequences.

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