10 Ways to Naturally Reduce Your Anxiety 

With Golden Goat CBD

Anxiety is an unavoidable aspect of life. A small amount of stress now and then isn’t a bad thing - it keeps you alert to possible threats and motivates you! 

But anxiety strikes some individuals more frequently than others and can disrupt their regular everyday lives, impacting their job, home, and personal life 

Natural remedies can help!

(Disclaimer: You should always seek the opinion of a medical practitioner before initiating any treatment.) 


Meditation can make stress and anxiety easier to handle by calming racing thoughts.  

Tip 1

Many people unconsciously stiffen their muscles and clench their jaws in response to anxiety and stress.  Progressive relaxation techniques and exercises can be beneficial to relax tense muscles. 


Exercise can improve your mental and physical health. It also promotes the release of endorphins, which are natural mood enhancers. 

Tip 2


A 2016 study discovered that creative writing may assist children and adolescents manage their anxiety. 

Tip 3

CBD oil  has a high potential for reducing anxiety and panic. CBD can also prove effective in the treatment of a range of ailments, including pain, insomnia and inflammation.  


Tip 4

Try other natural anti-anxiety remedies: 

– Aromatherapy – Time Management Strategies – Breathing exercises – Time with animals

Tip 5

Natural therapies can be used with more conventional treatments to help manage your symptoms, but ALWAYS disclose this to your healthcare provider. 

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