New Year’s Resolutions For Health And Wellness in 2022

Written by Golden Goat CBD Jan 07, 2022

Whether you’re going big or small in 2022, setting goals and achieving them is key. 

Here are some new years resolution ideas!

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Define And Set Your Intention


To achieve your new year’s goals, it’s critical to visualize yourself actually doing them.  

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keep a gratitude journal


One of the most effective strategies to cultivate a grateful mentality is keeping a gratitude diary and recording at least three things you are thankful for each day. 

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Many individuals spend their nights tossing and turning, wondering how to sleep better. one approach to promote healthy sleep is to include CBD wellness into your nighttime routine.   

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Meditating may be intimidating, particularly if your mind is always racing. Fortunately for those of us who suffer from excessive brain chatter, CBD and meditation work quite well together.  

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Quit Smoking


Although the first week is generally the hardest, you will eventually start feeling better and have more energy after that.  

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Toss Anything That Doesn’t Serve Your Best Interest


To make room for new experiences in your life, it’s imperative to let go of stuff that takes up too much space, both literally and figuratively.  

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Drink More Water To Boost Your Health


Start off by consuming a large glass of water first thing in the morning. Additionally, you may bring a bottle with you and sip on it throughout the day. 

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Make Time For Regular Exercise


Physical activity is great for your body, mind and spirit. Even little exercise has been found to enhance or preserve cognitive function, improve sleep, and promote weight reduction.

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Drink Alcohol Sparingly (Or Not At All)


According to a 2018 article published in The Lancet, refraining from alcohol has been related to a higher life expectancy than moderate consumption. 

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Develop A CBD Self-Care Regimen


CBD stimulates your endocannabinoid system, which keeps your body in an ideal state of homeostasis or balance, preparing you to deal with anything life throws your way.  

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