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Made in the USA: Our Mission

Golden Goat CBD is on a mission to empower accessible, reliable, confidence-boosting wellness through American-made CBD products. As an American CBD manufacturer, we are able to promote better and safer hemp-based alternatives by lab-testing our products and carefully monitoring the process from A-Z. We invest in research and development, natural ingredients and innovative products, allowing us to exceed your expectations and make customer satisfaction our top priority.

CBD Hemp Oil for Cats

Golden Goat CBD

The Natural Alternative

Direct contact with growers. High quality ingredients.
Quality control. Our facility is licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture. All of our products are tested by CMT licensed, fully ISO/IEC17025 accredited third party labs.

Over 100K+ Customers Served

“Excellent buying experience! Easy check out, quick shipping, and great taste!”
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“I love golden goat. I rely on their products for pain suppression. When I run out, it’s back to the pain. Thank you again.”
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“These take care of my migraines like a charm.”
CBD products
“Golden Goat makes many superior CBD products. You won't be disappointed!”
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“Excellent customer service. Very courteous and competent. The product arrived on time and well packaged.”
Jar of CBD Gummy Bears
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