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The Future of Cannabinoid Delivery: What’s on the Horizon

The cannabis industry is marching inexorably forward and so is cannabinoid delivery methods.

As the world begins to finally recognize this much-loved and intensely debated weed, research and product development are being performed with greater ease. This has led to the opening of floodgates, with cannabinoid-based products experiencing a steep spike in profitability – the global market is now estimated to reach a jaw-dropping $100 billion by 2025

Beyond the recreational transfixation marijuana has long held over us, the potential therapeutic benefits available in cannabinoids are now being thrust into sharper focus. We are now able to explore this burning bush in greater detail and get answers to questions that will allow us to properly harness its properties. 

We are currently looking into innovative and effective methods of cannabinoid delivery to the body, a sure sign of the exponential evolution this industry has already undergone. Read on to find out more about the state of cannabinoid delivery methods at present and other spine-tingling advancements peeping over the horizon.

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The Best-Known Cannabinoid Delivery Methods

Smoking, vaping, oral ingestion, and topical application.

These are the most widespread delivery methods for cannabinoids and have been used for both recreational and medicinal purposes; however, each is limited to some extent. The respiratory system is harmed through smoking and vaping, while oral ingestion is obstructed by the first-pass metabolism in the liver which may lower bioavailability. Topical applications are effective for targeted relief but are usually unsuitable for systemic effects. 

Boosting Bioavailability and Reducing Side Effects

Boosting Bioavailability and Reducing Side Effects

A chief challenge posed by the effective delivery of cannabinoids lies in enhancing the bioavailability of these compounds. This will ensure that target tissues receive an adequate amount for the required therapeutic effects. New delivery methods are currently being developed by researchers seeking to improve bioavailability and lessen possible side effects. 

Two New Methods that Could Do the Trick

Nasal sprays and ingestible films – these budding delivery methods are green flags.

Nasal spray is speedily absorbed through the nasal mucosa, allowing it to bypass the digestive system and steer clear of the first-pass metabolism, leading to better bioavailability. Nasal sprays are also advantageous as they offer precise dosing and easy administration, making them a go-to option for therapeutic applications. 

Ingestible films, besides being a great option for people who have trouble swallowing pills or capsules, also dissolve rapidly. This allows for fast absorption into the bloodstream. This innovative approach requires a thin cannabinoid-containing film to be placed on the tongue or inside of the cheek. 

Trusty Transdermal Patches

Cannabis Transdermal Patches

People are welcoming transdermal patches for their reliability as a delivery method for cannabinoids. Adhering to the skin and providing a constant, controlled flow of compounds into the bloodstream, these patches release cannabinoids steadily over time. Beyond offering a sustained and long-lasting effect, this method improves bioavailability and is great for patients who require continuous relief from chronic conditions. 

Bespoke Delivery Systems for Personalized Medicine

Cannabinoid delivery will be shaped through its intersection with personalized medicine, where a patient’s individual needs are fitted with tailored treatment plans. 

Personalized cannabinoid delivery entails a customized dose, delivery method, and formulation based on numerous traits such as metabolism, genetics, and medical conditions. Personalized medicine aims to increase therapeutic benefits while decreasing adverse effects. 

New Tech Takes Cannabinoid Delivery to the Next Step

New, ingenious cannabinoid delivery methods are being drafted all the time with ongoing research being performed more freely. Researchers and scientists are pointing to the following two fields of technology as especially noteworthy.

3D Printing

A game-changer across industries and throughout the world, 3D printing is now being explored for its benefits within the cannabis industry. This technology can give us total control over drug release rates and formulations because of its ability to fabricate intricate structures. 

We can use 3D printing to create personalized cannabinoid delivery systems, designing the treatment to work for a patient’s specific needs.  

Gene Editing

CRISPR and other gene editing techniques are opening doors for cannabinoid delivery possibilities. Researchers could potentially bolster the body’s ability to metabolize and respond to cannabinoids optimally by modifying certain genes in cells. 

This could work to ensure better therapeutic outcomes and more suitably tailored treatments for a wide variety of conditions. 

Better Than Doorstep Delivery

Better Than Doorstep Delivery

With the constant arrival of new and improved technologies, the future of cannabinoid delivery is full of hope. Through tireless innovation and impassioned research, we’re coming closer to understanding this ancestral plant and how best to ingest it today. 

As our understanding increases, our methodologies become more advanced; this makes it essential to stay apprised and be supportive of ongoing developments in this field. 

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The information in this article, including but not limited to text, images, graphics, and other material contained herein, is for informational and educational purposes only and is solely intended to be used as a self-help tool. The information in this article and website does not substitute for professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. Always seek guidance and advice from a qualified healthcare provider before undertaking a new healthcare regimen.

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