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Nature’s Goodness and Delta 8: Making the Great Outdoors Even Better

Everyone knows that the day-to-day rat race of modern-day living isn’t healthy. Sitting indoors in front of a screen all day isn’t good for anyone. Combined with constant stress, pollutants, and unhealthy diets… you’ve got a recipe for disaster!

But there’s a potential anecdote to a mundane, sedentary lifestyle, and it comes in the form of Delta 8 THC! Now, imagine pairing the elevating experience of Delta 8 with the serenity of Mother Nature, and you’ve got the best “burnout buster” available.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of being outdoors and using Delta 8. We’ll also elaborate on how you can get the most out of your outdoor + D8 experience.

Get healthy with Delta 8 and Mother Nature

Time spent in nature and the consumption of Delta 8 each separately offer a plethora of potential benefits to your mental and physical well-being. However, when combined, they have even greater potential.

First, let’s examine what each has to offer, and then we’ll look at them in tandem.

Spending time outdoors

A ton of research and data indicates that getting out of the house is hugely beneficial for your mind and body. 

 For starters, going for a walk in a forest (or your local park) can: 

  • Increase feelings of calm, happiness, restoration, and focus.
  • Reduce feelings of irritability, isolation, anger, and stress.
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Reduce the symptoms of anxiety, sadness, and Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • Enhance cognitive capacities
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Accelerate healing 
  • Lower blood pressure
Making the great outdoors even better -

Using Delta 8 THC to support your health

When it comes to health benefits, Delta 8 is no lightweight either. Although there hasn’t been much research done on the benefits of Delta 8, the evidence is starting to trickle in. 

Furthermore, there is a lot we can learn from the available information on cannabinoids, cannabis in general, and THC in particular (the delta-9 variety).

Here are some of the purported benefits of Delta 8:

  • A milder(r) high than THC from cannabis
  • Increased appetite
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better digestion
  • Greater physical, mental, and emotional relaxation 
  • Pain alleviation
  • Calm nausea
  • Boost mental health

Nature + Delta 8 = Next level benefits

Delta 8 and nature complement each other like a buddy wellness system. When mixed in reasonable and healthy ways, the two elements can synergize.

It’s similar to your typical PB&J. A peanut butter sandwich is OK. And jelly could be your thing. However, when combined, the result is the next level!

Outdoor activities that you can pair with Delta 8

Are you itching to get away from it all and spend some time restoring your sense of self and balance?

Here’s a list of some of our favorite outdoor activities (especially in the summer!) with or without delta-8-THC:

Go for a hike

While hiking may conjure thoughts of a great trek up a mountain, why not just go for a stroll if you prefer something more low-key and chilled? Going on your interpretation of a walk in the park may be an excellent opportunity to enjoy some delta 8 THC.

Meditation and yoga

Delta 8 and outdoor settings are a match made in heaven when it involves mindfulness practices and gentle movement. Find your inner zen and center your being.

Get your picnic on or have a BBQ

Who doesn’t love a lively outdoor lunch? If you’re going to be the day’s grill master, just make sure your delta 8 consumption doesn’t affect your ability to handle fire properly.

Forest bathing

No, this isn’t a trip to the woods for a soak in a tub! At its most basic, forest bathing involves a purposeful but leisurely excursion through a natural setting, tuning into and absorbing the beautiful surroundings of nature. 

It’s an all-encompassing sensory experience with several recognized benefits. Delta 8 can contribute to and enhance the overall experience.

Making the great outdoors even better camping with delta 8 -


Perhaps you just want to spend some time away from the confines of your home or office… It’s possible that pitching a tent and curling up around a campfire is your thing! 

Add a little Delta 8 into the mix, and the experience may be that much more gratifying. 

Movie night in the backyard

This doesn’t have to involve massive effort…in fact, it could be as simple as gathering your friends and projecting a movie onto a screen, sheet, or wall. 

It’s also just as fun to cuddle up with someone special while watching a movie on a tablet! In either case, Delta-8 can provide a stellar experience and two thumbs up for your cinematic evening.

Go to a music concert

Music is a language that both the heart and soul understand. Attending an outdoor event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with Mother Nature. Especially if it’s held in an outdoor amphitheater. Think of Delta-8 as connecting you to more of those good vibrations!

Stargazing & Skygazing

The only thing that could beat lying on your back and staring at the sky is incorporating Delta-8-THC into the picture. During the day, you could explore the patterns created by tree branches overlapping the blue sky. At night, you could witness the outlines of constellations and the trails of falling stars.

Just Chilllin’

Who says you must be physically active during your activity? Sitting on the sand at the beach, staring at the waves, and zoning out is also OK, (as is cuddling up with a nice book on your porch swing!) And Delta 8 could level up either of those activities.

How to make the most out of your Delta-8 nature experience

Here are some tips to make the most of your surf-and-turf and delta 8 times!

No matter what, always put safety first

Delta-8 must be used with caution and responsibility. It’s a mildly psychoactive substance that has different effects on different people. As a result, it begins slowly and gradually. 

Once you’ve determined how your body reacts to it, you’ll better understand the sorts and levels of suitable exercise for you to engage in while consuming D8. Then simply plan appropriately. 

In any case, here are some recommendations we believe are worth mentioning if anyone in your party is using delta-8:

  • Don’t drive, handle heavy machinery, swim, or do anything else while under the influence of Delta-8-THC.
  • Delta-8 should be kept away from children, pets, and other animals.
  • Make sure your D8 goods are labeled and kept correctly.
  • Delta-8 combined with alcohol or caffeine may not be a suitable combination.
  • Pace yourself with your delta-8-THC dose as well as your activities.
  • Keep an eye on each other

Optimize Your Time Outdoors

Every week, try to spend at least a couple of hours outside. Choose locations that make you feel safe and at ease. After all, you don’t want to add to your anxiety.

Consider removing or reducing distractions if you’re pursuing a mindfulness-oriented activity. Put away your technology, for example, if they distract you from being present in your natural world.

Make spending time in nature a habit from the start. It is never too early or too late to begin immersing yourself—and the young people in your life—in the beauty and benefits of nature.

Use only high-quality Delta 8 products

Life is way too short and valuable to buy crappy stuff. You’re only worth the best Delta 8 products. So, here’s how do you know whether you’re receiving the best:

  • Purchase only from a reliable company (like us!)
  • Choose goods made with American organic hemp.
  • Examine product labels and certificates of analysis to ensure purity, potency, and additional constituents, among other things.
  • Consider the wisdom of crowds (like reviews and testimonials)

Take a moment to destress with Delta 8

In what seems like a burnout epidemic, it’s vital to take a moment for yourself, and take some time away from your screen. The consumption of D8 can be a natural approach to improve your outdoor experience and benefit your entire being. 

So, whatcha waiting for? Go forth and heed nature’s call! And don’t forget to bring some delta 8 for an even more thrilling, more rewarding outdoor experience.

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