cbd and  sciatica

Sciatica is the term used to describe injury or inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the body’s largest nerve. 

Symptoms of Sciatica:

2. BURNING, TINGLING, or WEAKNESS in the affected leg.

1. PAIN: Radiating from the lower back to the back of the thigh or buttock.


CBD can help alleviate Sciatica



CBD reduces pain. 

CBD helps to relax muscular tissues that are stretched or strained around squeezed nerves. 

It also acts as an inverse agonist of the CB2 receptor, which explains its well-documented  anti-inflammatory benefits

ice massage

Along with CBD, you can also use ice packs or ice massage to bring some relief in the first week following the onset of sciatica.

apply heat

Thereafter, administering heat can aid by increasing blood flow and relaxing muscles. 

Gentle exercise and stretching can also help with blood flow, healing, and pain relief. 

medical help

You should always seek medical help to determine which therapies are most likely to be  most effective.

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